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* Site analysis

* Design & drawings

* Permits & regulations

* Project management


Why Us ?

* Local experience

* Trade expertise

* Quality

* Value

* No middleman or subcontractors

Colonial houses Merida


* New construction

* Colonial restorations

* Beach construction

* Apartments & condominiums 

Casa Yucatan Construction - Adam M Kowal

Architectural services

Professional architects in Mexico are qualified to offer a surprising array of services. Often, we not only create the design, but also serve as the contractor and construction specialist. We can closely supervise all aspects of the project, including electrical and plumbing, to make sure that the crews fully understand and follow the building plans.

About building in Yucatan

Yucatan construction methods have worked for centuries, and they still work best for these circumstances and this climate. You may be surprised to find that just about every phase of construction is done by hand.

The craftsmanship here is excellent. Having said that, you may face two major hurdles in getting your project done properly--and getting it finished on schedule.

One hurdle is that you will need to find and hire the labour and skilled trades you will need. We offer experienced construction crews that include all of the necessary disciplines. Our people are used to working to our high standards.

Another hurdle is making sure that everyone involved is following the plan, doing everything right, and doing things in the correct order. If you've ever built or renovated a house north of Mexico's border, you know that licensed inspectors look at the work, at various stages, to verify that everything is up to code. Not so in Mexico. There are no inspectors to approve the plumbing, wiring, gas installation, or techniques and materials used in the structure. Once the building is complete, the only way to know how the work was done is to break into the walls. That's why we feel strongly that you need a qualified, bilingual expert looking after your interests and supervising every phase of the construction in detail.

Construction services

Casa Yucatan Construction is an established, well-known construction/development firm in Yucatan, with many successfully completed projects to our credit. We are ready to assist you with any construction project, in Mérida or along the beaches of Yucatan.

From the moment they step into our homes, people notice the difference in the quality of our work when they compare it to other homes on the market. We consider it an honor and a privilege to be given the opportunity to build a custom home or complete a remodeling project. We hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you.

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